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Several events are planned over the duration of the project. These include the inception meeting, which was held in Guyana in March of 2017, the launch meeting which was held in July both in Suriname and Guyana. Here you can find the reports of the launch meetings in Suriname and Guyana.


Suriname - Blue Planning in Practice 22-26 October 2018

Twenty Surinamese were instructed in the basic principles of ecosystems-based marine spatial planning (MSP). The Blue Planning in Practice workshop was part of the four-year EU project Promoting Integrated and Participatory Ocean Governance in Guyana and Suriname: the Eastern Gate to the Caribbean. The project was launched in July 2017.
Several working groups were working on mapping all ocean users, biodiversity, ecosystems and natural resources from 22 to 26 October in Asewa Otono. They also had to identify specific overlaps or conflict areas and come up with solutions or compromises. Participants have learned to make trade-offs between economic, social and natural objectives using different criteria. They had the opportunity to test the theory in practice in the Surinamese context during a field visit to Braamspunt.
The EU project is being carried out by WWF Guianas, Green Heritage Fund Suriname and the Nature Conservation Division of the State Forestry Service. In a press release WWF Guianas said that the Blue Planning in Practice training gives specific attention to the identification of the need for the planning process, the organization of stakeholders and the inventory of current and future conditions. The organization also mentions the writing and approval of a spatial management plan, implementation, regulation and monitoring, as well as revising and adjusting the plan.
The trainees were people who play a role or are involved in the planning process of coastal and ocean use, such as policy makers, planners, government technicians, persons from civil society, academics and the private sector. The four-year EU project focuses on the management and protection of the coastal and marine area and the enhancement of coastal resources through intensive cooperation at various levels with the ultimate goal of increasing the capacity of the stakeholders for Marine Spatial Planning.

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