On this page you will find links to databases that contain data relevant to the Marine Spatial Planning Process. In the future this will include a database with data related specifically to the EEZ of Suriname.

OBIS Seamap, Ocean Biogeographic Information System Spatial Ecological Analysis of Megavertebrate Populations, is a spatially referenced online database, aggregating marine mammal, seabird, sea turtle and ray & shark observation data from across the globe is a database maintained by Duke University. This link refers to a dataset from French Guiana.

OBSENMER is a collaboration of 34 institutions to map citizen science observation at sea. French Guiana is also entering data in this tool, and the intention is to use this also for observations in Suriname. 

The Conservation Planning Database contains currently 163 peer-reviewed papers on 155 marine systematic conservation planning exercises from around the world.





On this page we provide links to online resources related to marine spatial planning or marine science:

  1. Marine Ecosystems and Management (MEAM) list of training opportunities UNEP ocean data provide resources for marine spatial planning, education, environmental impact assessment, etc.
  2. The Report of the Workshop "Marine Spatial Planning and Decision Support Systems in the Wider Caribbean" which was held last 5 November 2017 in Merida, as a special session of the GCFI 70th Annual Meeting.
  3. In the solutions section of the Panorama solutions for a healthy planet website there is a tool that shows the interrelationship between the different tools used for effective marine zoning. For more interesting solutions look in the marine and coastal section of this inspiring solution-seeking website.
  4. On the website of the Unesco International Ocean Committee (IOC) there is a whole section dedicated to marine spatial planning (MSP). The status of these processes in the world as well as training materials can be found here.
  5. Please check out the World Database on Protected Areas for information on Marine Protection worldwide.
  6. These days no ocean subject can be discussed without saying something about ocean litter. Please check out the following link for the Global Partnership on Marine Litter Caribbean hub.



On the European MSP Platform you can find many links to MSP projects in Europe, but also to projects around the globe from a study performed by UNEP-WCMCWe have provided some of the links to projects around the world below:


New Zealand (Hauraki Gulf)


Auckland Council


Washington Pacific Coastal-Marine


Marino del Pacífico


Global Environment Facility (GEF)




Bay of Samana


Gulf of California - Mexico


Coral Triangle


Pacific Ocean


Saint Lucia






North Pacific Coast




Raja Ampat island


WWF Malaysia, Semporna Island




Bataan province






Primeiras Segunda




National Marine Sanctuaries


Antarctic Marine living


Mid-Atlantic Regional


UNESCO - China




Pacific Ocean


Grenadines MarSIS 


Mauritania-UNDP Project 














Saba Bank The Caribbean Netherlands 


Seychelles - Marine Spatial Plan




Sian Ka’an 


Tubbataha Reef 


Ha Long Bay



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